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7 answers

White screen of death after server move

I am moving my expression engine site and database to a new server. Everything seems to be directed correctly but when I access admin.php I get a blank page. Any thoughts?
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1 answer

Running an EE site on IIS. What are the "gotchas"?

I may be taking on a project for a large EE site that would most likely be running on IIS. Although I have some very minor experience of IIS I have never run PHP on it let alone an EE site. I don't ...
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3 answers

Move ExpressionEngine from development to live (same server)

I'm 95% of the way through a project just now and soon I am going to have to move EE from the 'development' folder to the 'live' folder. My questions before I do this are: Can I just copy all the EE ...
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Server Migration : New Lines in Playa Tag Pair Breaking Templates

I have an issue where the same template - specifically Playa tag pair - works on one server, but not on another. I just used the Plesk migration manager to move from a Media Temple DV 3.5 to DV 4. ...
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2 answers

Server upgrade PHP 5.4 - Any issues?

I've just been emailed from my site host stating they will upgrade the servers to PHP 5.4.19. We're hosting a number of sites with them and all range from EE2.2 - EE2.5. The thing that sparked my ...
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