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Is there a way to get the member_id of a user that was just logged out?

I currently have the core file Session.php modified a little to keep track of login/logout information and member_ids - create_new_session() for login, destroy() for logout. I realize that this can ...
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1 vote
1 answer

hook_sessions_end causing major issues on EE 2.5.5 site

Please Please Help! We have been running around in circles trying to resolve an issue with and old EE site, all of a sudden it just stopped working admin side, hitting memory limits (even at 1G) and ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Intelligent ways to force redirects before a session ends?

I was hoping to pick people's brains on a topic. I am developing a web app which sits on top of Expression Engine and this has worked really well so far. I have one issue though and I have a quick ...
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Turn off extension in Control Panel

I would like to make sure an extension isn't run, via sessions_end hook, in the control panel. I'm currently doing this like so: if ($this->EE->input->get_post('D') == "cp") { return ...
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