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How to stop users being auto logged out after about 3 or 4 hours

Users of our site ( EE 2.9.2 ) are being randomly logged out after 3 or 4 hours. I have checked cookie viewer in chrome and firefox, and “exp_sessionid” and “exp_expiration” are being set correctly ...
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Setting expiry length of login cookie

Is there a way to set the expiry time of the login cookie for users on the front end of an EE site? I know there are hidden config variables for user_session_ttl but they don't seem to work if the ...
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Using session_variables and conditionals with Matrix!

The Situation: I'm building a new feature for a wildlife-based charity. They want to spice up their donation form to include images of relevant animals based on how users have been browsing the site. ...
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after upgrading to EE 2.9.0 any valid user login attempt to CP or front end is not sucessful

I've seen posts like this but I've reached a dead end, can anyone help ? Post upgrade from 2.8.1 to 2.9.0 logging in as front end user: First thing I see is that "S=0" is prefixed before the template ...
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CartThrob - Clear *Customer* Info

If a customer adds products to the basket, fills in their details and then processes a payment and it errors / fails / cancels and they press back (Or click the go back link) in their browser to go ...
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user_session_ttl hidden variable option not working

I have set this hidden variable in my config/config.php file // Allows changing of the Users Session Length to any number in seconds. For instance, if users should be logged out after 10 minutes of ...
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Automagically or force logout after 60 seconds

I have an EE3x site that is running User, Cartthrob, Transcribe, CE Cache (there is a lot going on) and I need a way to be able to automagically log-out users after 60 seconds of inactivity. The ...
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Strange URL parameter added on login

I'm seeing an issue where I login on the frontend and the URL becomes S=c3992270d168f3ec9ab1df5bc06afce3/test where test is the segment I'm passing from the return parameter. I can't fathom where the ...
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Is it safe to initiate a temporary session in plugin for use with the Channel Entries API?

I have a plugin that will accept posted form data from a member group and then create or update a channel entry which that member group is not given permission to post or update in (via the control ...
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