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3 answers

Save revision on channel entry error

We've setup a site for a client to populate with their content and they are having a recurring issue when they go to 'save revision' or 'submit' the entry. If they've spent a bit of time adding the ...
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Display a message on visitors first visit

I am wanting to display a message when a visitor lands on the site for the first time. I don't necessarily want to use browser cookies, but would if thats the only solution. Ideally, would I be ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Keep Getting Logged Out of Control Panel

I keep getting logged out of the control panel while I'm working in it. Under Admin > Security & Privacy > Security and Session Preferences, I have: Control Panel Session Type: Cookies & ...
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linking to admin from the main site - session parameter

I want to provide admin links from the main site for clients, however within the admin URL there is the session parameter. Is there a way to output the admin url path that includes the dynamic ...
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Transcribe - After AJAX request, when i switch language it directs me to the AJAX endpoint

So using - Transcribe 1.5 and EE 2.6 Basically when i have channel information outputting to json within ee, when another page is requesting this via ajax, transcribe redirects to the translated json ...
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