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Questions tagged [settings]

For questions specific to ExpressionEngine settings or configurations.

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Front end not logged in when I am logged in at the back end EE6.2.5

When I am logged in as super admin the front end is not recognising this, and so I am unable to post comments, use the search engine, among other things. Is it likely that there is something wrong in ...
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Addon development - make visible to Member permissions?

Using EE 3.5.1. I have made a simple extension to allow a logged in user manage a single settings() text field. However, I cannot grant access to this add-on to other Member Groups because it does not ...
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Cannot use SMTP email sending protocol without errors, in System Settings : Outgoing Email

I want to get EE's Outgoing Email working with the SMTP Protocol so that I can tag my messages using an SPF record, to avoid being marked as spam on delivery: ...
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Where is the base_url in the database?

EE 5.3.0 I have a website that I built using a production domain (let's call it to replace an old site using the desired domain (let's call it I am concerned with the ...
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Settings for a module

I have created a module the generates a form, validates submissions, saves the data in a table that the module creates on install and then integrates with a 3rd party system. This all works great but ...
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'default_author' cannot be null' Error when saving channel settings

It is an upgraded site that runs now on EE 5.2.0 without major troubles. Only when I save channel settings in the CP there is always this error message. Data is saved but this is the message: ...
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Shared Form Saving Issues

I am trying to create my own settings form (EE5) using the documentation, but when i am using the function settings_form() & save_settings() and calling the "return ee('View')->make('my_extension:...
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Settings in Admin get dropped, will save temporarily, hours later are reset/gone

I have a situation on my development site, where all of a sudden lately, some things I save in the admin, aren't "sticking" around. Some of the settings that won't stay: Template routes: I will set ...
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1 answer

Channel Set Export?

EE 3.3.2 References the new Channel Set (importing/exporting channel configurations for setting up new sites). While I will EXTREMELY miss the MSM site replication tools, in theory I understand ...
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Module Settings Column

I am creating a competition website. For the competition I am creating a custom module. The module has a cp backend where I want to be able to add some details about the competition. For example, ...
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2 answers

Disable New Relic Script for one template

Is there any way to disable the New Relic script tag from being output in a single template? EllisLab's docs say you can disable it via the control panel overall, but I really need it removed just ...
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1 vote
1 answer

blank page when saving extension settings

I am developing an EE extension and everything was working fine and I thought I was done. So I uninstalled the extension and re-installed it to testing everything. It uninstalled fine and re-...
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3 answers

Accessing extension settings from plugin throws a PHP warning

I have written a custom add-on which consists of an extension and a plugin. The extension basically loops through a set of channel entries, gets some matrix data and performs a calculation based on ...
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Is there a way to disable auto-convert URLs and email addresses into links for custom member fields?

I have created a custom member field, {Google_Plus_URL}, where a URL like, can be entered. In my template, I reference this field as such: {if ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How to add a custom on/off setting for client

My client has requested the ability to turn a specific, site-wide feature on and off from the site-wide header. It’s a link to a specific page that they would like to “turn on” months after the launch....
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File Upload Preferences not saving

I am trying to make a change to the URL and Server Path of the File Upload Preferences section, but when I click "update" the page refreshes and the changes are gone. I don't have this issue anywhere ...
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1 answer

How to Setup Redundant DB for ExpressionEngine?

Does anyone have an experience setting up ExpressionEngine with a redundant db architecture? Per corporate requirements, I must host the EE site within our corporate server structure. What is the ...
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2 answers

Set From Name to system generate emails

Is it possible to set a from name to system generated emails - at the moment the from field is just the email address. Would be nice to be able to tidy that up if at all possible. The control panel ...
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3 answers

How to deploy from localhost development server to live server?

When working on localhost the URLs have begun with http://localhost/~macuser/ and the file paths have begun with a local file path. What is the best way to deploy a site once it is ...
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2 answers

Is it possible to run ExpressionEngine along side a Cake PHP site?

I've been asked to add a CMS to an existing Cake PHP driven site. Cake PHP doesn't appear to drive much of the site outside of URL structure, templates and forms (there is no content management). The ...
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3 answers

Hotfixes for a new 2.5.3 website

Before starting on a new #eecms website, are there any other hotfixes i need to know of ?! Channel posting privileges being removed from member groups When editing Member Group permissions and ...
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SafeCracker File: min-width/min-height for Images

Is there a way to set a «min-width» for images to a «SafeCracker File»-Field (type: Images)? We have a SafeCracker-Form, where Users are allowed to upload Images — but these should have a min-size of ...
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1 answer

Testing PayPal Express with Store

When using the paypal sandbox with store, what do I put in the store settings fields for the paypal gateway? I have obtained my paypal credentials for running live, but to test with the sandbox, do I ...
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17 votes
4 answers

What does "Enable Strict URLs" really mean?

What does "Enable Strict URLs" really mean and are there any security/other implications if I choose to not use strict URLs?
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