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Shine PDF - Fatal Error after EE version update

After updating EE to v2.11.3 a previously working setup of Shine PDF has started to error out with the following: Fatal error: Call to undefined method Channel::Channel() in /SERVER_PATH/...
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1 answer

Render embed tags Shine pdf

I want to use the module Shine pdf to generate pdf's. Only problem is it doesn't render embed tags in the template. I would like to change the code in the module so it would render embed tags. This ...
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1 answer

How to multiple channel entries in single generated pdf

As per We know , shine pdf only one time parsing so that we could not embed / stash other channel data entries in single pdf generate. it means , how can we generate multiple channel data without ...
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Shine PDF generate blank when load generate shine pdf template on ajax

When We have Load shine pdf Generate page by ajax load that time pdf generate but it blank, but without ajax it worked fine. We need to generate pdf in Background process so that call template on ...