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Implement custom content on channel entries like Wordpress Shortcodes

We would like to add blocks of HTML that we have styled in channels. Similar to the functionality of a Wordpress shortcode. So if we need for example a stylized quote that has predefined html and ...
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Help with replacing image placeholders in matrix rows -- using Stash?

I have some legacy code that was using mx_jumper successfully. On updating to EE 2.11.2 the code no longer works. The context is a Matrix field with rows including: A text field called {item_desc} ...
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Help with Matrix->Playa->Matrix while using Stash for {image_1} shortcode replacements

No, it's actually not as convoluted as it sounds... ;) Got two channels: News, and News Commentary. News entries are published multiple times per day; News Commentary is published once a week and ...
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EE code in WYGWAM being wrapped in a paragraph tag

I'm using MX-Jumper to replace EE style code in a WYGWAM field with images. The WYGWAM content will look something like this: {image_1} Climb leg rub face on everything give attitude nap all day for ...
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