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simple-registration doesn't work

I have an ee4 site - migrated from ee2. The simple-registration addon (v1.6.3) does not work anymore. Also everything is entered, it throws errors: Could you please give some support? What might be ...
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Simple Registration very slow response times

Recently rolled out the latest version of Expression Engine (5.1.2) and upgraded our PHP version to 7.2 and noticed a massive drop in the response times from our signup forms the using Simple ...
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1 answer

Simple Registration losing field data on submission error

I'm having an issue with an EE2.11.6 site running Simple Registration 1.5.1. We have a multi-field registration form on the site (using Simple Registration) and when a user fills in the form (and say ...
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Simple Registration (EE3) 1.6.2

The latest version in Devot: ee is 1.6.3 which is compilable with EE4. If you buy this latest version, can you access version 1.6.2, which is compatible with EE3? How can it be requested? Thank you
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Simple Registration group_id error

@bjornbjorn Got Simple Registration and trying to use it for a front end member registration form, but getting the following error when trying to register via the form: The form you submitted ...