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Image urls on remote server

I uploaded my site to a remote server but the links to the image are still pointing to the local version. I have synced the file folders. What do I need to update to get this to work.
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Comparing the siteURL variable to the current URL

I am quite new to Expression Engine and am trying to get a handle on the template system. I have a nav with items that I want to set to active if they link to the current page I have the link built ...
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Searching and Form submissions Duplicating site URL

Having an issue with a site duplicating its base URL during a search result or a form submission. ie: After searching for a term or phrase I receive the following:
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Transcribe randomly outputs completely wrong URI

I'm using Transcribe 1.6.1 and EE 2.8.1. I'm getting a weird thing happening when using the {exp:transcribe:uri} tag to output different URLs. In my footer I have the usual Sitemap | Terms | ...
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Creating links to external sites in drop down menu [closed]

Our site was created by a developer before my time at the library and I have been asked to add a link in the drop down menu ( to an external site. There are links ...
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Inconsistent URL paths

Having some issues with paths on my build, i get a different output using {site_url} to {path='site_index'}, {site_url} outputs the correct value but {path='site_index'} outputs the correct value with ...
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Detecting Server Environment in Template - {site_url} Conditional Fails

Problem: Include analytic JS code in production, but not in staging or development. Attempted to detect production environment with: {if "{site_url}" == ""} ... but that's ...
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Site and theme URLs not correct in control panel settings

When I load Site > CP Home > General Configuration I see the right values in the field: for an instant. When the page fully loads it will change to The ...
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