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Stash snippets vs "native" snippets

I consistently use a few Snippets for things like HTML HEAD boilerplate code, and I've long used the Snippet Sync add-on to give me easy file access to the snippet code. Now that I'm consistently ...
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Snippet inside snippet not rendering

On a template I am calling in a series of snippets like so: {sn-head} {sn-header} {sn-page} {sn-listing-videos} {sn-footer} The sn-listing-videos snippet contains an entries loop like so: {exp:...
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Snippet Syncing not working

I am building an html5 theme into expression engine. The theme came with a lot of JS that wasnt needed and it slows the pages down. When initially building the theme into expression engine i broke the ...
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Snippets (snippetsync) only parse when logged in

It seems that some newly created snippets using SnippetSync (version controlled and uploaded via GIT/Beanstalk) begin parse only after I log into the control panel. After a day or so these snippets ...
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