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Is there any good solution for Facebook login with EE4 / EE5 in 2018? [YES !]

It's all in the title. Threads about logging users in EE with a facebook account seem to date from the last decade or so. Is there any good solution for Facebook login with EE4 / EE5 in 2018 ? [ YES!...
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Feed social for multiple accounts

Someone can suggest about a social feed plugin for EE3/4 that allow to have feeds for multiple accounts? Thanks
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Social share not working on desktop

I currently have this code for our social share buttons. The twitter seems to work although doesn't seem to post the image but not the others. But if I do it from my mobile it does work. <div ...
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Is there a way to automatically use images from entries with Campaigns?

I am using EE 2.10.1 and Campaigns 2.1.0a Is there a way to automatically pull images from the entry being posted to FB, twitter, etc.? For example, if I am using a Channel Images field in the entry,...
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Roll Your Own Social Media links?

Can anyone point me to some resources on hardcoding Social Media Links for EE channel entries? Basically Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.. I'm in a situation where it's not feasible for various ...
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Social Networking Add-on for ExpressionEngine

I searched for some Expressioneinge social networking add-on that would allow me to have some "friends" functionality for ExpressEngine at devot:ee. So far, I only found one plugin, Friends that ...
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ExpressionEngine add-on question regarding email and social media notification

I have seen functionality on a Wordpress site that allowed visitors to sign up for notification whenever new content is added to the site. The subscription allowed the user to receive notification of ...
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Social feeds to display on EE driven website

I'm going to move one Wordpress site to EE and they have using social feeds (twitter and facebook, I think multiple sources) displaying on their website. Are there any addons for EE which can handle ...
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Allow Access to Members-Only Content for Visitors Coming from Specific Referrers?

One of my clients, a membership-based education resources site, has asked if there is a way to allow non-members to see members-only content but only when following a link shared on Facebook or on ...
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LinkedIn / OAuth question

I have a client that has an (I think) odd request: I know there are modules like Social Login Pro that connect someone's Facebook / LinkedIn to a member account, but what my client wants to do is: ...
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