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Questions tagged [solspace-calendar]

An ExpressionEngine add-on that allows you to create full-featured calendars, including advanced recurrence and exception rules for events.

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2 answers

Solspace Calendar: Only show next occurrence of recurring event in list of recurring and non-recurring events

I have another interesting challenge to solve with Solspace Calendar and I've not been able to find a solution so far, which is not to say there isn't an obvious solution I've missed. I have a custom ...
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1 answer

Get (Solspace) calendar occurences sorted by date

I want to get all occurrences of a single calendar and sort them by the occurrence start date. The reason why I want to do this is because I want to create an occurrence details page. To do that I ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Display a single Calendar Event that spans the current date

I am using Calendar in an attempt to display an Event as a single entry. I have previous events and upcoming events. I need to display the "Current Event". In other words, if the event spans the dates ...
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Database Error 1364 in Solspace Calendar

We recently had a server failure that resulted in having to rebuild the server services. Ended up going from mySQL 5.1 to 5.6.23. Since that issue occurred, one of our clients is reporting that ...
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1 vote
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Solspace Calendar embed range not registering

For some reason we're getting a null set of data when the {if segment_3 == "week"} evaluates to true and its code is run: // Base template {if segment_3 == "day"} {!-- This works. --} {embed="...
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1 answer

Ordering/sorting channel entries by Calendar date

I have a channel (event) that is being used to display 'events', which is being ordered on the page by a date field (e_date). I have now added Solspace Calendar (e_calendar) as a new field to replace ...
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2 answers

Custom field as a parameter

i 'm working on a project about events in a city using Solspace calendar. What i want is the user to select some data in a form (date range, category -music, theatre, etc- and area). The data are ...
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1 answer

Solspace Calendar: Calendar name not showing in .ics file

In case anyone is not aware of this: if you are using Solspace Calendar and are providing a subscription link, if you use http:// for the link, then the browser sends the .ics to the calendar client ...
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Solspace calendar 500 error

I have index template for my events like so: {!-------------------------------------------------- SHOW DAY LISTING --------------------------------------------------} {if segment_2=="...
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1 answer

Solspace Calendar Limit Occurrence Returned

I have a list of upcoming events which I'm pulling by using {exp:calendar:cal}. Is there a way I can limit recurring events so only the first one displays? Using occurrence_count doesn't appear to ...
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Embedding PHP in EE tags or using equivalent expressions in PHP

There are so many essential things you simply can't do with EE; this is one I'm having issues with. What I want to do: Use AJAX to GET a template while sending data via the URL segments. In the ...
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