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Can I order entries by date with sticky entries from another channel combined?

I'm setting up a blog page and wanted to arrange it a specific way. Blog posts would be ordered in grid format by date. But scattered throughout would be larger blocks that could link through to other ...
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remove a range of channel entries

I have the following entries. I would like to only display only a range from entry 5 and on. how do i remove 1-4 from the entries and keep the rest? Entries 2016-02-08 Entry 1 2016-03-01 Entry 2 ...
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sorting not working with the channel

I am facing the problem for the sorting on the channel by passing the value on orderby dynamically (with the custom fields & for date sort) Always resulting out me same data {exp:channel:...
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sort entries numerically with letters last

I need to sort entries numerically on a specific field (which might include text strings) and force all the entries with a text (not integer) appearing in that field to the end of the result set. i.e....
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Solspace Tag and sorting by tags from tag group

I have created tags group "Attributes", which contain tags for product colors, material which was made etc. Next I want to sort products by one of tag from that group (a drop down menu "sort by" and ...
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