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static caching with stash and spa behaviour

our website is SPA, so only first request is loading the whole page with css/js stuff. every next load is an ajax request. the initial request caches the whole site as expected. code is: {layout="ech:...
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How can I set up nginx to serve Stash's static cache?

Mark Croxton helpfully provided this sample .htaccess for using Stash's static cache on Apache servers. Unfortunately, I'm running this particular site on nginx, and I haven't found any good answers ...
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How do I create a static page with Structure?

Let me start off by saying I am completely new to EE (I have mostly worked with WP before). I have watched several tutorials, but I have yet to get the hang of it. Can anyone advise me on where to ...
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search and login redirect to home page

All of a sudden my search and member login forms always redirect to the home page rather than the redirect url or search results? Any advice what's up? {exp:member:login_form return="courses/...
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How can I tell EE to ignore certain directories?

We're slowly introducing sections of our site into EE. First is the blog, then other sections will follow. As a result I need to place EE in the web root, but I also need to leave existing directories ...
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How to approach static content

I've been struggling with static content and wanted some other opinions on how to best approach it. Currently, I have a channel called Static Content where I, obviously, post all the "static" ...
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EE cookies add leading dot to domain name

Even though I add my domain name without the leading dot in the EE cookies admin panel, the cookies are still served with the leading dot attached. Because of this, they are sent to my subdomains. Any ...
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3 answers

Where to put static text like "about us" or contact info?

I´m thinking where to store static stuff like "About us", "Adress info", "Driving directions". Entities, that contain of - Text - Headlines - Image - Links - but don´t change often and live just in ...
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How to add .html to URL's

I am building a reasonable size replacement site in EE and will be migrating content from an existing static-built site. In order to maintain as many inbound and internal links as possible, what is ...
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