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Use onClick to update the status of an entry

I have a simple page that is displaying entries and statuses from the database. I would like to be able to click a link (i.e. remove entry) and have that onClick event set the entry status to removed. ...
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Comment_total is displaying total number of ALL comments, not just open status

I've been testing the default comments module, and noticed that when I use {comment_total} in the channel entries tag above my comments block, it displays the total amount of any comments for that ...
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Displaying a product page with a list of all available relationships of a relationship field shown as a list, with the selected relationship flagged

My client needs to display the status of an order, so using relationship channel of order_statuses. The list of order statuses should be shown as: Order recieved Status 2 [TICK] Status 3 Status 4 ...
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Channel form entry status always set to closed

I have a site that I recently upgraded, and converted a safecracker form to a channel form. Since the upgrade, every entry posted through the form has its status set to closed, no matter what the ...
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New to EE 3.3.0 Ver - Cannot Assign Status Group To Channel

I am new to Expression Engine 3.3.0. I have a "News" Channel group and "News" field status group that I want to assign so I can separate my news articles from the ones that show at the top of my site ...
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Relationship fields with custom status not stashing in lists

EE 3.1.4 Stash 3.0 I have a relationship field to entries that I am stashing. Everything was working fine until I changed the status options in the relationship channel. They need to have "Sold", "...
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Store : Update order status on checkout submit

I want to update the status of an order to processing once the checkout form has been submitted. Looking through the dev docs: One of these two ...
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Members last visit zoo visitor

I'm trying to display all the data of my members, including the last time they logged in (last visit), but I can't seem to get the right data. Either I receive the data of the users that's currently ...
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CartThrob - Change of Status Notifications being sent, even without change of Status

I'm using Channel Form to edit the data stored for a CartThrob Order entry. I have a couple of CartThrob notifications set up to send an email when the status is changed. These work just fine. However,...
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CartThrob CT Admin statuses all mixed up

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction for an issue I'm having with CartThrob Order Channel statuses being all mixed up. Basically, the orders channel has the statuses of several other ...
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All entries in Structure managed channel suddently closed and lost Structure data!

Overnight a very unexpected and unexplained thing happened on my site. I woke up this morning to find that all entries in a Structure managed channel had been "closed" and therefor all structure data ...
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Filter Channel Entries by status and "NOT" category

Trying to run a channel entries loop where I filter on both status value and the fact that the category is NOT a specific category. {exp:channel:entries channel="products" status="open|Unavailable ...
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Status for the forms

When the status is set on the form as "Pending" does this mean that it will not go to the email for that form until Approved? Im new to this plugin. Also When I submit the form it goes through but ...
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