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Number is missing decimals so I need to add it

I have several numbers like the ones shown below that should have a decimal before the last 2 digits. Is there a regular expression that can add a decimal before the last 2 digits? 373648 836374 ...
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How to take out comma to the penultimate word in a list of 5 words?

{exp:query sql="SELECT states FROM states"} {if count == total_results} and {states} {if:else} {states},<span> </span> {/if} {/exp:query} Result: ...
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If statement when layout variable contains whitespace

I'm using an if statement in a layout to check if a layout variable contains any content. {if layout:sidebar} <div class="sidebar"> {layout:sidebar} </div> {/if} This works well ...
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Truncate string with EE 3

There used to be all kinds of plugins for EE 2 that let you shorten a variable (or any string, really), some from EllisLab as well as a number of third-party ones. Some let you specify the number of ...
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How get the particular part for a string?

How to get a particular part of a string? e.g after some special characters or some words.
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Connection string

I have a form (freeform) in my EE site working just fine. My client ask me for a connection string because he wants to get the information fill up in the form directly in his own system database. I'...
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If condition for phpstringfun or streng?

I want to find if a string contains a word ot not? It is a pretty simple thing if i want to do it in php.But When it comes to EE you need some plugins to do the job of strpos. I have two plugins ...
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Some add-ons don't work after EE1 upgrade

I've upgraded a site from EE1 to EE2 and a few of the add-ons don't seem to be working inside the templates. They are working fine inside the Admin area and all the content is showing up in the ...
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