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How do I customize the tell-a-friend "thank you" template?

I'm using the standard tell-a-friend code from the EE Docs. Where do I find the "thank you" page template that comes up after emailing an entry using the tell-a-friend tag? I'd like to style it to ...
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Tell-a-friend form in bootstrap modal without redirect

On my EE 2.8.1 site I have a Twitter bootstrap modal popup which contains an embedded video with a link to share it via email. Clicking on this link brings up a tell-a-friend form (using EE's Email ...
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Solspace Freeform and sending generated email to recipient from the form

Is there any way to send generated email (based on a template) to an address obtained from the form? I'm looking for something similar to the tell-a-friend functionality but instead sending an email ...
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Change name-attributes in Tell-a-friend-form?

When I use the tell-a-friend-form the form is autogenerated by the tag {exp:email:tell_a_friend ...} Now the name of the sender has to be "from", the name of the recipient has to be "to". Simplified ...
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ajax post without page redirect tell-a-friend form

I am displaying a tell-a-friend form in a twitter bootstrap modal, I want to post the form without EE's default redirect page, keeping the user within the modal with a success message saying their ...
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