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Automatically add rel="noopener" to hyperlinks set to open in a new window

Is there an easy fix that will append rel='noopener' to every link that’s set to open in a new window when using the hyperlink button in a text area field?
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Textarea (Rich Text) stripping html/form (paypal donate code)

The field strips the 'form/action' tags that are used for the Paypal link/button. Because of this the button is not a clicking link. Is there any way i can prevent this? <form action="https://www....
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Weird text-formatting after upgrade to 2.7.0

I upgraded a site today from 2.5.5 to 2.7.0. Everything went well except from one ting: When outputting textareas with text formatting none EE will insert paragraphs and whitespaces - expected ...