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Video Playlist Thumbnails not Working

My Complete website can be seen here. I'm trying to make a playlist that plays videos. The video and thumbnail information all fill out correctly and after adding two entries all looks fine. However, ...
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Possible to have larger thumbnails in Channel Images entry screen?

I've gone through the Channel Images documentation, but didn't find this issue addressed. In the entry screen (in table form) the thumbnail of the images is quite small -- so small, that it's ...
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Thumbnails, channel_short_name and channel fields

I have a image "thumbnail" field in multiple channels, ie: "news_thumbnail" "projects_thumbnail" "editorials_thumbnail" With these images, I use EE's resizing feature to crop multiple sizes of the ...
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Assets (P&T) No thumbnail for Admin group

My admins can upload images to Assets field. They even see the thumbnail before saving. After saving though, the thumbnail does not display. This is a site-wide issue. I have updated the index. It ...
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Generate a thumbnail from a Channel File field with CE Image

I'm using a Channel Files field where the client can upload documents or images. If an image has been uploaded, I then want to be able to create a cached thumbnail in the template. I'm trying to use ...
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