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Thumbnail could not be created for the image. Please make sure the thumbnail directory is writable.

I'm getting the following error when trying to upload images on all of the upload directories. The directories are set to 777. "Thumbnail could not be created for the image. Please make sure the ...
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Need to turn off thumbnail recreation when synchronizing files - possible?

I brought up this issue with the developers when EE 2 first came out and at the time there was no solution. I am now wondering if anyone has created any hacks, workarounds or add-ons that solve the ...
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Is there a way to make a vimeo gallery with playlist thumbnails using channel videos?

I'm trying to create a vimeo video player with playlist thumbnails. Has anyone ever done this using dev demon's channel videos? Does anyone have any good advice or can point me in the right direction? ...
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Auto generate JPG thumbnails from a PDF in ExpressionEngine?

Just wondering if it's possible to automatically create a .jpg file from a .pdf file when uploading. I've been seeing a bunch ImageMagick suggestions, but my brain is too tired to grasp it tonight. ...
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Missing thumbnails in Assets

Images were working in EE's native File Manager, but were blank in Assets. I checked all the usual suspects, reindexed them with native EE File Manager and Assets, but the problem persisted. Andris at ...
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Assets 2.2.2 / 2.3.2 chequerboard / empty thumbnails

I have the chequerboard / empty thumbnails showing up in Assets, for all images. Everything is working fine on the live site. So far I've tried: Checking / applying 777 to all images and the cache/...
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How to get corect CP thumbnail paths using master config and MSM

I'm using a master config file based on this one, in an MSM install of EE2 (2.5.5). In the config file, I set the base path and url like so: $base_url = $protocol . "://" . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']; $...
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Publish layout thumbnail file names changed after update

I recently updated a site from 2.1.x to v2.7.3 I've synced my file directories, images display on the front-end just fine. But I'm having issues with the thumbnails in publish layouts (they show in ...
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A multi-sized image gallery grid

One thing I've noticed when working with Expression Engine, is that when image galleries are created, with images being loaded dynamically from a channel, the images tend to be the same size dimension ...
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Assets not able to create good gif/png thumbnail

I'm using assets to take care of images In the view of assets all thumnails of png and gif's don't show only the jpg's I tried to see if it would work with the EE file upload and there it works fine ...
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Thumbnail error when uploading after upgradeing to 2.5.5

Error: Thumbnail could not be created for the image. Please make sure the thumbnail directory is writable. I've recently upgraded a client's site to v2.5.5 and they are now not able to upload images. ...
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2 answers

Assets 2: Image Manipulations not showing for images in subfolders?

This title should be pretty self-explanatory. All the images and their manipulations are working just fine. Except when I upload the images into a subfolder of the main "images" upload-directory. ...
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Assets 2 thumbnails not showing in s3 sources sub directories

The files show up but it just says "JPG" instead of showing the thumbnail. The strange thing is that any images just in the root of the bucket show the thumbnail just fine but if i move that same ...
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Video Playlist Thumbnails not Working

My Complete website can be seen here. I'm trying to make a playlist that plays videos. The video and thumbnail information all fill out correctly and after adding two entries all looks fine. However, ...
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Possible to have larger thumbnails in Channel Images entry screen?

I've gone through the Channel Images documentation, but didn't find this issue addressed. In the entry screen (in table form) the thumbnail of the images is quite small -- so small, that it's ...
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Thumbnails, channel_short_name and channel fields

I have a image "thumbnail" field in multiple channels, ie: "news_thumbnail" "projects_thumbnail" "editorials_thumbnail" With these images, I use EE's resizing feature to crop multiple sizes of the ...
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{small_file_url} calling my thunb

When expression engine is creating a small file it is putting them in a folder call "thumb". How do I call that file from a template to render on the finished page? {m_topic_img} calls my full image ...
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Assets (P&T) No thumbnail for Admin group

My admins can upload images to Assets field. They even see the thumbnail before saving. After saving though, the thumbnail does not display. This is a site-wide issue. I have updated the index. It ...
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Generate a thumbnail from a Channel File field with CE Image

I'm using a Channel Files field where the client can upload documents or images. If an image has been uploaded, I then want to be able to create a cached thumbnail in the template. I'm trying to use ...
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