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Allow front end selection of time zone to change times on entries

I have a series of entries all set to fixed time in the system (and they're all Eastern time). These times are displayed on the front end to the user. But I've been asked if it would be possible to ...
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current_time and edit_date are 5 hours off, PHP date() is correct

We built a site for a hospital and they can login to a special admin page where they can update location wait times using exp:channel:form When they first login, we show the last updated time and the ...
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Solspace Calendar module timezone entry field empty

When I go to add a Calendar, the timezone entry field doesn't show up and when I go to add Events, the event date picker doesn't show up. It all worked fine locally, but not on the live site. I'm ...
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PHP Error - date_default_timezone_get()

Moved an EE site (v. 2.6.1) from local to development server. On the development server, I'm getting the following: A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Warning Message: date_default_timezone_get(...
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How can I return UTC time?

Using, for instance, {current_time} you get the time according to your server timezone setting. I see I can format it with {current_time format="{DATE_COOKIE}"} to get a result in UTC, but I need it ...
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Why is timezone_menu returning a PHP formatted timezone instead CodeIgniter formatting (e.g. 'UP10') after upgrade to 2.6.1?

After upgrading ExpressionEngine from 2.5.2 to 2.6.1, the Member module now sets the member's localization to PHP format eg. 'Australia/Sydney' in the exp_members table. So, when my site calls EEs ...
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Entries with different time zones

I need to create entries with dates and times based upon the timezone they are occurring in and then display them to the user on the front end with all dates/times in both event date/time and a ...
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