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Transcribe is a commercial add-on by EEHarbor allowing you to add Multi-lingual support to your ExpressionEngine website.

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Transcribe translated URL segments

Anyone know if there is a way to get the default (original) template-group/template segments from a Transcribe translated URL? Example: If the default language URL for a template-group is "example....
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Redirect multi language site based on IP address

I have a multi language site (using Transcribe addon) and I would like my users to be redirected to the correct language based on their IP address. My goal is that when a user visits the root ...
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Search refer to homepage

Everything was working fine, Till suddenly dynamic and classic search refers to homepage url? The search refers to template result_page="search/results" but instead it goes to homepage (
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Transcribe - After AJAX request, when i switch language it directs me to the AJAX endpoint

So using - Transcribe 1.5 and EE 2.6 Basically when i have channel information outputting to json within ee, when another page is requesting this via ajax, transcribe redirects to the translated json ...
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