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0 votes
2 answers

EE6 Transcribe Add-on Step-By-Step Guide?

Important question from the jump since I may have terribly misunderstood something: Does "Transcribe" on EEHarbor automatically translate content or do you have to manually translate the ...
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0 votes
1 answer

How to translate a string in custom form

I am very new to Expression Engine. I have a template file and added a new text filed in it. Now I want to translate the string into multiple languages. Where I need to include my translated string. ...
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0 answers

In expression engine 2 how is content exported for translation?

I have some old EE2 sites and would like to figure out a good way to translate their content. Is it possible to export the content from the database so that it can be translated using a separate tool, ...
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Freeform Lite, input error message translation

The main message error could be translated through template code: {if form:has_errors} <div class="callout alert"> There was an error submitting this form.. ...
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