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Questions tagged [ups-shipping]

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EE and Store UPS Shipping Canada API

I have a store on EE 2.9.0 with Store UPS shipping. But I cannot reach Domestic Ground when the user has to choose his shipping mode. I'm in Canada and need to ship in Canada but it looks like the ...
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0 answers

Change Shipping Method order

We are using the UPS plugin, as well as a default shipping method and need the default method to come after UPS during checkout. Is this possible?
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0 answers

UPS Shipping AND Default shipping plugin options

With the old version of store, we had UPS figured options and a flat rate international option, but with the latest version and the UPS plugin, only the UPS options appear. Is it not possible to have ...
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UPS Shipping Extension Errors

When attempting to use the UPS Shipping Extension for Exp-resso store, the install runs fine, but when attempting to add anything to the cart on the front-end we get the message: A PHP Error was ...
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