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Location of Wiki Variable Settings e.g for [[Image:imageFile]] Substitution

Having a nightmare converting site from old http:// to https:// protocol. I can't find settings that change the root of wiki article links to https:// nor that do the same for images. The file under ...
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How is the ExpressionEngine user guide documentation managed? By categories or channels with relationship fields to the child pages?

I would like to create a user guide for my website which functions the same way as the ExpressionEngine user guide / docs. Seen here. I would like to know how they structure their pages. Do they use ...
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Last Wiki version for EE 2

Wiki version 2.3. Anyone know what the last available version of the first-party Wiki module is for EE2? I have some old wiki living somewhere on a site, and it's pulling this crap: Error Number: ...
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Uploads to wiki directory fail from form on Special:Uploads page

I'm using the default wiki theme and can't get file uploads to work from the Special:Uploads page. The form allows me to select a file, submit the form, (no error is thrown), but the file does not ...
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ExpressionEngine Wiki - Show categories in sidebar

Using the EE first party wiki application. I am trying to call all categories in the sidebar of the Wiki. However the sidebar just prints out the tags. It seems you can only grab the categories in ...
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Importing Data from MediaWiki to Wiki Module

I am currently using MediaWiki on my current site. On my new site I will be using ExpressionEngine and was wondering if there was an easy way to import data over to the Wiki Module
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Wiki search leads to 404 page

How are wiki search result URLs constructed? I upgraded from EE 1 to EE 2 a few months ago and I've found what I think is a lingering problem since then: one of my small wikis is returning a 404 page ...
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