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Update Fails (Log file path not writable) on Windows, Apache, PHP environment

When running the One Click Update on a new installation of ExpressionEngine 5.2.3, the update fails with the following messages: We stopped on Updating files. Log file path not ...
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Nothing rendering on Windows server

Not sure what happens but a site I'm running on a windows server displays nothing now. I can't get it into debug mode. Also, works perfectly fine locally on MAMP and on a linux set up with 1and1... ...
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Why am I getting a "duplicate page uri" error when leaving the field blank?

Running EE on windows server and I get the "duplicate page uri" error when editing any entry. I don't want these as pages, but I can't save without creating a unique page url for them...
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Channel Images and IIS paths

I'm trying to use channel images on a Windows server, but channel images uses a '/' for the paths on the actions instead of letting me use ' \'. Anyone have a fix for this?
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Remove index.php on a windows server

I have EE installed on a clients windows server but I'm having problems removing index.php from the URL This is the first time I've worked on a windows server (all precious jobs have been in apache ...
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How to get file upload paths that use Windows UNC format working

Anyone ever got images on an EE site working on a Windows server that uses UNC paths, e.g. //server/folder/? I'm using imgSizer to resize images but am getting errors like: imgsizer.Error: /...
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Running an EE site on IIS. What are the "gotchas"?

I may be taking on a project for a large EE site that would most likely be running on IIS. Although I have some very minor experience of IIS I have never run PHP on it let alone an EE site. I don't ...
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