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Zoo Triggers, Structure & MSM Issue

I have MSM setup for 2 sites. One site uses Structure and I have implemented Zoo Triggers for category functionality for a blog. All is working as it should. The second site does not use MSM but has ...
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No segment variables - Zoo Triggers and MSM

We running a site which uses MSM and Structure. To get around the 'category' issue in Structure, we've added Zoo triggers, which works great on the default_site but not so well in the MSM sites. In ...
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Creating links to Tagger tags with Zoo Triggers

I'm trying to figure out something I thought would be fairly easy and straight forward, but I'm having a difficult time trying to figure this out. Zoo Triggers says: "Filter tags from the url ...
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Zoo Triggers Path Paramter adding Root of Site to URL

I have EE running with Structure, Transcribe and Zoo Triggers, I have categories in my 'Shop' channel of 'cds', 'digital' and 'merchandise'. Zoo Triggers displays the categories correctly and it ...
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Pagination does not working properly with structure

I have using structure, but in my listing page pagination does not working properly. pagination links are changed but records are display at it is. means every time same records display. I have using ...
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Issues with counter when using exp:zoo_triggers:catergories

Note: This is a duplicate of a support request in Devot:ee but unfortunately I haven't had a response. I’m having an issue with counter which could really cause me headaches further down the line in ...
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Using switchee to detect pagination

I'm using Switchee to detect pagination. Switchee is working fine for: /new/PX/ I also use Zoo Triggers for categories and archives and have the following pagination URL's too: /news/category/abc/...
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Weird pagination link generation - domain/domain/domain/channel/P2

EE: 2.7.2 Zoo Triggers: 1.2.2 I've got a weird issue with pagination. This is my channel entries tag. {exp:channel:entries channel="news" dynamic="off" limit="1" paginate="bottom" orderby="date" ...
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Show Entries Associated with Category Using Structure

I am designing a site for a wedding show at the moment and I am struggling to get my head around displaying entries related to categories. Basically I have 28 categories Beauty Therapists, Bridalwear, ...
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"?feed=rss2" in Pagination URL

I have a blog listing set up with Structure, Zoo Triggers, AB Pagination, & CE Cache. Here's an abridged version of the template: {exp:ce_cache:it} {embed='_embeds/document_head'} ...
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How can I filter entries by category and/or year on the frontend?

On a current site the I have news entries archived by: Year (using Zoo Triggers) Category In the sidebar of the each news template (index & detail) it simply lists the years entries appeared in ...
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Why isn't this snippet + Zoo Triggers working?

I have a set of "category" pages such as: Dining ( Nightlife ( We are using Zoo Triggers to filter out the categories appropriately. I am using a snippet to ...
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