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Structure is a commercial ExpressionEngine Add-on that allows you to create pages, generate navigation and manage content through a simple interface.

2 votes

Bend Structure to meet goals

discipline02 --Child01 URL://discipline01/Child01 --Child03 URL://discipline01/Child03 If I understand correcly I'm not sure Structure is the best fit in this situation. … Unless it's a strict one-to-one relationship with pages and URLs then Structure probably isn't the best thing to run this setup through. …
  • 5,407
1 vote

Is it possible to use EE, Structure and Playa to create multiple related listings and detail...

Structure aims to provide the clients with more of a traditional page-based CMS structure presenting more of a one-to-one relationship with pages to URL's. … Secondly {exp:structure:entries} is not native to Structure. It looks like you're using the Structure Entries addon. Again, this isn't necessary from what you've described. …
  • 5,407
1 vote

Titles in structure not showing

If I understand correctly by what 'title' you're trying to output then you'll need to include show_overview="yes". Overview (Parent) Link show_overview="yes", defaults to no Shows a link at the …
  • 5,407
1 vote

Select list of existing content pages using Low Variables/Structure?

Actually having just taken a look at Wygwam it now seems to include Structure Page support by default so it's all there in one addon. … I believe allows you to link to channel entries (it should support Structure pages too) in a similar way. …
  • 5,407
2 votes

Enable Strict URLs triggers 404 on search results

It's designed for this very purpose when you need EE to ignore certain URL segments and comes in very handy when dealing with Structure because of the way it deviates from EE's native URL handling. … In the case of both strict URL handling and Structure you definitely need to break those URL segments. …
  • 5,407