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Structure is a commercial ExpressionEngine Add-on that allows you to create pages, generate navigation and manage content through a simple interface.

2 votes

Missing Structure fields after changing channel from listing type to page type

Sounds like some crossed wires with your publish layout. Reset the layout, refresh the page, and try again.
  • 2,724
4 votes

How to create blog listing with categories using structure?

Freebie is good, but Zoo Triggers is better, and a hell of a lot easier.
  • 2,724
1 vote

Simple Commerce for Downloadable Products

The biggest issue you're going to run into is that Simple Commerce doesn't have any tags for displaying purchase information, so you'll have no way to verify if the user has purchased the content, thu …
  • 2,724
18 votes

Is there a standard way to do 404 pages with structure?

There are several strategies for best utilizing 404s on a Structure site: Hide Structure Templates to Prevent Duplicate URLs First, make sure that any Structure-assigned templates are either hidden, … Set Homepage Structure URL to "/" Go to the Structure tab on your homepage's publish page, and change "Structure Page URL" to "/". …
  • 2,724
11 votes

How to Hack the Core for Longer Titles?

Structure URL Titles /system/expressionengine/third_party/structure/tab.structure.php, inside the publish_tabs() method, in the "Field: Page URI/Slug" section: $settings[] = array( /* ... */ … Update the length of this database column: exp_structure_listings.uri This allows for longer URL titles on Structure listing-type entries. …
  • 2,724