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Assets v2.4 producing error when saving an entry after upgrade from EE v2.4 to EE v2.9

I'm using SuperSearch and getting the same issue, it appears that 'entry_id' is no longer being set in the settings array. I've fixed/patched for now by simply replacing line 2214 in the ...
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XSS vulnerability - malicious cookie value

I just tested this (really quickly) on one of my sites running 2.8.1 and couldn't exploit the exp_csrf cookie in the way described by your report. However I could do it on your site using the exact ...
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Expresso Store: Add PDF attachement to order confirmation emails

You would need to create an extension if you wanted to include the PDF as an attachment. I have done something similar in the past with PDF Press and a link in the email that when clicked would ...
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EE 2.8.1 Search. The action you have requested is invalid

Newer versions of ee have more strict security requirements for post data. Try adding the following to your form: <input type="hidden" name="XID" value="{XID_HASH}" /> (This is an older ...
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