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Check your config folder for integrity. For that specific error, specifically /system/expressionengine/config/routes.php should have ee/index specified as the default_controller. But if that file is incorrect, that's a sign that the other config files may be incorrect as well. If you see it there, check file permissions to make sure the config files are ...


I'm using SuperSearch and getting the same issue, it appears that 'entry_id' is no longer being set in the settings array. I've fixed/patched for now by simply replacing line 2214 in the third_party_search_index() function which was $entry_id = $this->settings['entry_id']; To become: $entry_id = ee()->api_channel_entries->entry_id;


This happens using Thumber 1.2. Rolling back to Thumber 1.1 returns normal functionality.


Have you tried it without bracing and quoting? (which has always been recommended against). E.g.: {if mc_media_image:caption != ""}


First think I'd check is that the server meets EE's minimum server requirements: There is a server Compatibility Wizard you can download here: If the server meets the ...


You should be able to do this by setting a list with the channel entry output and just appending the tweet module output to that list. A couple of other things, you have depth of 2 which adds processing and shouldn't be necessary in this case. (this is untested): {!-- set list --} {exp:stash:set_list name='journal_list' parse_tags='yes' parse=...

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