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Handling Forms With ExpressionEngine: the ACT ID

There is no magic method for this, as far as I know. It's pretty standard that in the upd.your_addon.php file, in the install function, you just add rows to your exp_actions table like so: class ...
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How To Fire Addon Method With Cron Job

After confirming your extension is installed with module. Have you registered your action in table exp_actions? If no, then first register your action with respected method name. If yes, then make ...
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1 vote

Creating a button in module control panel to manually perform module action in EE 2

I suggest you to use below code in mcp file of your module folder. url = BASE .'&'.'C=addons_modules'.'&'.'M=show_module_cp'.'&'.'module=MODULE_NAME'. '&' . 'method='.$method; $this-&...
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