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External Website Post to EE Entries

In this case, the POST submission would be rejected not due to XSS, but CSRF. It's not an appropriate API to use for continuous submission from an external source. I haven't used Reinos' add-on, but ...
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Create a channel entry via POST request

Essentially, you'll create a module with an ACT URL. ( You'll have your mod.module_name.php file, which will contain your logic to ...
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Api_channel_fields - cannot add group id

As far as I know there is no way to do this using API. I think you should try with EE Model. You can easily create new field using the Model. And Model is most effective way to handle all these core ...
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Preventing SQL Injections

You should always scrub any user input before it gets to your query. The first thing you should do is run and input variables through the input class. i. e. $var = ee()->input->post('my_var', ...
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Passing a GET variable back in a query while using mysqli_real_escape_string()

Use ee()->db->escape_str($event) - it's the native way to escape potentially-unsafe data in EE.
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Cartthrob - Presales questions

This sounds pretty good that their POS (is it just a POS? Not an ERP too?) has a rest API. That means that in the grand scheme of things it should be a nice job to push and pull data. There are a few ...
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