You can't use cache in that case, as explain in the doc: "Enable this feature only if you do not use future entries, expiring entries, or random entries." If you need cache, try to automatically clean up it every x minutes with a cron task or scheduled task.


I think the best way to approach this is to tag the caches with their sibling ids. Structure actually makes this quite easy, because of its global variables: {exp:ce_cache:it tags="{structure:sibling_ids}|{structure:page:entry_id}"} {exp:channel:entries limit="1" ...} ... {exp:ce_cache:add_tag}{entry_id}{/exp:ce_cache:add_tag} {/exp:...


Complicated question, Ian, especially since you have Structure involved. I think I'd want to talk with Aaron Waldron directly -- some basis below. the primary ability of CE Cache is to break on change or addition/deletion action within a channel. You can then target what might be broken as a result. you can of course break the entire channel. A tricky part ...

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