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Clearing the cache via API

ref: ee()->cache->delete('/myaddon/');
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Can I cache templates indefinitely?

You can set the template refresh to a really high number (e.g. 14400 minutes which is 10 days), or you can change to using a static cache - for example the one that is built in to the stash add-on. ...
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Clearing cache manually

You could allow the authors member group access to System utilities, you can restrict it so they only have access to "Data operations" which has the clear cache facility. Also add a custom ...
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EE6: Tag Cache growing very big

I would start off with enabling Output Profiler and inspect the template log on few pages, to see if something's not completely expected there (specifically related to cache) The next thing I would ...
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Can I load pages into cache en masse?

You can achieve this using CE Cache; however, the add-on hasn't been updated since EE 3 (it works with EE 4 and 5 though). This allows you have to have cache tags and cache breaking set-up, with the ...
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