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Best way to make an event calendar?

If you are developing the website in EE5 and you've very easy functionality then you should go with Calendar Tag which is built in tag of EE. And if you are developing the website in EE2 or you have ...
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Calendar Tag Entry Fields Not Showing

The calendar tag doesn't support custom fields. Either use a channel:entries tag, or something like the Solspace Calendar module if you need more flexibility with things like recurring dates.
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How to get Calendar and Event data from Solspace Calendar?

Highly suggested reading to distinguish Calendar tags: https://solspace.com/docs/calendar/getting_started/ {exp:calendar:cal} is usually used when displaying a list of events in a chronological order....
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Display a single Calendar Event that spans the current date

With a little guidance from Solspace support, I changed to use the cal tag instead of the event tag in order to get in the date range I needed. The docs indicate being able to use the {event} tag pair ...
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