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Clearing the cache via API

ref: https://docs.expressionengine.com/latest/development/legacy/libraries/cache.html#class-methods ee()->cache->delete('/myaddon/');
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Channel Entries API/Model: Get created Id or Entry by Field Name

Well, logically the last submitted insert query from the API is in the channel_data table. This tables Primary Key is entry_id, so you could try this CI command after you run the save_entry method: $...
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How do I save a relationship field with save_entry()

I've managed to tackle this issue myself using the following. The key data structure is immediately below with a full example beneath that. This will handle all the relationship stuff automatically. ...
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Model Service ChannelEntry relationship fields

I too had the same issue, the EE documentation to put it nicely is rather incomplete on this topic. Looking though the source I saw an example in ft.relationships.php: ee('Model')->get('...
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Model Service ChannelEntry relationship fields

Yeah, you can save relationship data using below Model query. In below code $entry->field_id_2 indicates the relationship data. $entry = ee('Model')->make('ChannelEntry'); $entry->channel_id ...
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Updating an entry field, without updating every field

It certainly is! Here's what you need to do (From the manual) based on your example : ee()->load->library('api'); ee()->api->instantiate('channel_entries'); ee()->api->instantiate(...
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Fetch entry using PHP

I was able to use the Bones plugin and get data over the ACT (Action) APIs, such as: ?ACT=40&url_title=$sSlug Or: ?ACT=40&entry_id=$nEntryID
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