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Select with Field

You are using this inside a channel entry loop, correct? If not, you need to be. And you might also try using the other field segements: {exp:channel:entries channel="...
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Method to add multiple fields to a channel entry

Easy, I'd create a grid field with Date | Time | Location | Price. For ease of management I'd create a separate channel for locations (manage all locations separately to stop typos and misspellings ...
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Get field name within Channel form

You could use the Instructions for your question text: <label>{instructions:my_field_name}</label> v2:
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Understanding Channel Field Groups/Channel Fields/Status Groups

Channel field groups are used to group together related custom fields. Channel fields are the actual custom fields (textarea, file uploads, text input, etc.) that a user will fill in. Think of the ...
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How can I tell if a fieldtype is in use?

This MySQL query should give you a list of fieldtypes which are not currently in use as Channel or Grid fields: SELECT name FROM exp_fieldtypes WHERE (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM exp_channel_fields ...
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Suggestion for fields to use for this type of content

You could use Content Elements? Create a new field type called "Event Pricing" selecting Content Elements as the field type, then when editing the field remove all the default ones, then add your own ...
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