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CRUDL Interface for Custom Data and Files: The Correct Way

The best way would be to use the Model service to create Channel Entries and files: This will guarantee you are saving ...
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What's the best way to search for specific terms in files?

I got some feedback from the developer of Stash (Thanks again, Mark!) on this via Twitter, and he advised not to do it this way. So I went back to the drawing board. I ended up having our programmer ...
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nothing happens when i click upload files on channel files with channel form

I found that it's a jquery conflict, I just remove the jquery include from script tag and it works.
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How do I upload a file from my template to my Channel Files field?

Easiest way to do this and see the markup used for channel form is to use the following. {exp:channel:form channel='other_details'} <input type='hidden' name='title' value='Some new title ...
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