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Go to line 706 in /system/expressionengine/third_party/campaigner/ext.campaigner.php and change it from: $this->EE->javascript->generate_json($js_member_fields)); to: json_encode($js_member_fields)); And yes, this line needs double parentheses at the end, since it's a continuation of line 705.


Unfortunately the Stripe gateway for CartThrob will not look for or pass any metadata to Stripe. You'd have to manually add this into the gateway code, or roll your own custom gateway for Stripe. Consider contacting them with a feature request!


Alas I don't know the add-on, but for a tag pair, it needs to be a numerical indexed array for the return variable, so $ret['data'] = $data would need to be $ret['data'] = array($data), so that the variable pair has something to loop through, so the output should be in this structure: $ret['data'][0]['next_payment_attempt'] - even if it only contains 1 set ...


In the end I just went ahead and wrote a small module to handle this... function Checkout_validate_coupon_url() { // Construct the ACT URL $url = $this->site_url."?ACT=".ee()->functions->fetch_action_id( $this->package_name, 'charge_validate_coupon' ); return $url; } // -------------------------------------------------------------...


This was corrected in the 1.9.9 release. Problem solved.

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