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Cart Thob update shipping via ajax

The error is because the .live method in jQuery has been deprecated since jQuery 1.7. You need to modify the line $("input[type=text], select").live('change', function() to use the .on() method. ...
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Cartthrob with SagePay suddenly stopped working; error 4020

(I'm with Vector; we make CartThrob) This error is coming directly from SagePay and honestly, is usually exactly what it sounds like: your server is making a request from an IP that's not whitelisted ...
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Expresso Store modifier select in checkout

Looks like the answer you need is in one of the 2 answers given here mate : Store module: How to update product modifier from the cart page?
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Expresso Store checkout and custom field based on entry ID

Thanks to Justin Long tips I have got it to work. Example code looks like: {exp:store:checkout form_class="form-horizontal"} {items} *Some code here* ...
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Cartthrob Stripe Checkout API

CartThrob already has a Stripe Payment Gateway you will want to follow http://cartthrob.com/docs/pages/payments/index.html to enable the Stripe gateway on your site. You shouldn't need it but if you ...
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