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Does ExpressionEngine 3 use Codeigniter?

Yes and No. Starting from v3, EE is gradually moving away from CI. This isn't happening all in one go, but as major versions progress. CI is still there, but it's all tucked in the legacy directory, ...
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Does ExpressionEngine 3 use Codeigniter?

EE3 does not use Codeigniter - but it is indeed hard to find the information online: if you want confirmation contact Derek Jones at EllisLabs (e.g. via EE Slack Channel - EE3 is a ...
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2 votes

moved websites to a different server

An EE configuration needs to know both the URL of the site and the local path to the webroot folder within the server you are using to operate. If you have changed servers then it is likely that the ...
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Disallowed Key Characters error when moving EE website to another server

This usually happens when there is a clash between the cookies. Give clearing your browser cookies, or at least delete the EE ones a try. A good way to thwart this is to set a unique cookie prefix/...
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DB connection refused - credentials exposed

This is a comment really, but I do not have enough rep to add comments. Have you tried using '' as the db host rather than 'localhost'?
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