Do you have anything in the URL that allows you to find the channel entry using {exp:channel:entries}? If so, you could use this and use the {exp:channel:entries} inside the hidden field to retrieve the entry title that is loading your Composer Freeform form. For example, if you have your channel entry's ID in segment_3, you could put the following as the ...


An alternative, as I'm not too familiar with composer and I don't know where the composer tags put the submit button out with, and as the composer/multipage mode could put out multiple 'submit' buttons... Use this below Jquery snippet to add what you want to all the submit buttons of the form in question. You don't include the outer freeform tag pair so for ...


From Solspace support team: Ideally, put the code for the Freeform error page alone in its own template (eg. /contact/error), i.e. not with other, regular EE code. In my case that tip works. Not sure which part of EE code interfere, but will dig deeper in that issue to find out.

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