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Expresso Store: payment gateway settings in filesystem

This is not currently possible with Store - the way Omnipay is integrated with its abstracted settings methods it only looks in the database. A good feature request for Vector though! (Likewise for ...
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Will Focus Lab EE Master Config work as-is on EE3?

Yes! There's an EE3-ready version available on GitHub now: https://github.com/focuslabllc/ee-master-config/tree/EE3
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What's the correct syntax for setting up memcached caching driver in EE 2.8+ with socket?

I'm glad you asked! $config['cache_driver'] = 'memcached'; $config['memcached'] = array( array( 'host' => '/var/tmp/memcached.sock', 'port' => 0, 'weight' => 1, ) ); Adding ...
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How do I set X-Frame-Options in config.php

EE has set default x_frame_options as SAMEORIGIN. You can change that from config but they don't allow you to set anything outside of there radar. You have limited options that is: 'DENY', 'SAMEORIGIN'...
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