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Disallowed Key Characters error when moving EE website to another server

This usually happens when there is a clash between the cookies. Give clearing your browser cookies, or at least delete the EE ones a try. A good way to thwart this is to set a unique cookie prefix/...
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Block iframes (e.g. YouTube-embeds) - loading only after click?

It's not too bad! In the control panel Settings > Consent requests create a new request called "video_consent" or similar, this name is used in the consent form, example below. Now add ...
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Cookie Plus reading cookies on first page load

The answer from witrin on this question (three answers down or so) is the reason why you you are having this problem.
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Where can I find the cookie_consent_module

You might want to try this link: In mcp.cookie_consent.php, line 63 will have to be changed from… $this->EE->cp->set_variable('cp_page_title', $...
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Unable to change site multisite EE3

In your backend, under Settings > Security & Privacy choose CP session type to Session ID Only
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How to set and get cookies in EE 3?

EE3 still uses the legacy Input library internally, so the same methods apply. ee()->input->cookie(); ee()->input->set_cookie(); ee()->input->delete_cookie(); Or, use the Cookie ...
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Cookie-free subdomain

Not that I'm an expert, but what I've implemented in the past has been in .htaccess, not defining privacy settings in EE, until now I've not given it much thought... This answer gives some light - ...
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