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Starting from version 2.8.0 you can use standard global variable for this {cp_session_id} if you want to make link to edit entry, don't forget about special tag for this which available from version 2.9.0 {cp_edit_entry_url} You can also output the cp main url (like using global variable (from ee 2.8.0) {cp_url}


Just wanted to comment that adding $config['cp_session_type'] = 's'; worked for me too.


There are two add-ons that will allow you to define Quick Links globally per member group in the Control Panel: 1) Member Group Tabs This extension allows you to create navigation tabs for entire member groups in the ExpressionEngine control panel. OR 2) Zoo Flexible Admin Zoo Flexible Admin lets you fully customize the control panel menu per ...


Every time I've seen this behavior it's due to 1 or 2 reasons: Issue#1: The URL and server path to the 'themes' (or renamed themes folder) is incorrect one too many or too less "/" can do it. The fact it works from the server and not any other computer tells me that your paths may be absolute rather then relative. To check : inspect the CP page in whichever ...

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