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SuperSearch Install Error

SuperSearch has been obsolete for quite sometime (didn't make it past v2) and will not run on newer versions of EE. Try Low Search.
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Table doesn't exist after upgrade

Seems related to this bug report. If you have a conditional checking for something like this: {if grid_field:total_rows > 0} try changing that to this: {if '{grid_field:total_rows}' > 0}
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Error when creating new channel: Unknown field ChannelField.group_id

I know this is a bit old, but I had this issue on a site recently. Couldn't create or update channels or fields. Turns out it was the Solspace Calendar module. Uninstalling it fixed the error, bit ...
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DB connection refused - credentials exposed

This is a comment really, but I do not have enough rep to add comments. Have you tried using '' as the db host rather than 'localhost'?
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Generic error during install on DB config

This ended up being simple. For my instance, the MySQL module wasn't installed for PHP. Once it was added it worked as expected... My issue ended up being the fact that the error was completely non-...
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