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4 votes

importing entry status via CSV - does uppercase or lowercase status matter

While firing a query in DB, No matter you pass "Open" or "open". Both are same. Your first question's answer is: As per EE Standards, It should be "open". EE save "open/closed" in database, it shows ...
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2 votes

How do I import checkbox field values using DataGrab?

If you are using a normal, EE checkbox, you should just need to supply pipe-delimited values (eg, One|Two|Three). If you are using a Field Pack checkbox, these aren't currently supported within ...
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2 votes

Datagrab stuck/fail on 90% 4/5

Figured it out. Posting here to help others in the same spot. I had the batch field set to 500/batch, since we did huge imports at the start. Got the problem when we started importing <500 I guess....
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2 votes

What is the best way to import entries for EE6?

An update here for anyone coming across this question now : Datagrab is now available for EE6 (
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1 vote

Datagrab import, relationshipfield inside grid

This is one that really you should direct to the author of Datagrab... it is quite possible though that the add-on does not support the importing of relationships within grids. The datagrab web site ...
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1 vote

Best practices for importing matrix data

A matrix (or native grid field) can become unwiedly with a lot of records so I'd go down the relationship route. Create a new channel for the data, you can then use relationship field(s) to associate ...
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1 vote

Trouble Using DataGrab to Import into Solspace Calendar in EE3

DataGrab's developer added a base import option for Solspace's Calendar module. Special thanks to
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1 vote

DataGrab fails if not run from EE Control Panel (logged in)

I was running into this issue as well, I don't know if this will resolve your issue. It tries to create a session for a member with a member_id of 1, do you have a member with an id of 1 that belongs ...
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