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3 votes

Display Content Based on Time of Day

Thanks to @Nevsie-Modeten, I reworked the query to the following: {if {current_time format='%w'} == 0 && {current_time format='%G%i'} >= 930 && {current_time format='%G%i'} ...
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1 vote

Take input as localized time of the user via channel form

AFAIK there is no automatic way to do this kind of time zone adjustment in EE. EE stores times relative to the server's location timezone, or relative a different timezone if you specify it in the CP....
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1 vote

ExpressionEngine 3 Date Range

I'd suggest attempting to see if the start_on and stop_before parameters work for with Dynamic Parameters. Run a couple tests to see if this does not suit your needs or work first. Dynamic Parameters ...
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1 vote

Checking if date field variables exist in templates

So, this is an old boat that doesn't always sail well (EE2 conditionals depending on field type [sorry for the random metaphor]). Here is what you should start off by trying. First, make sure you ...
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1 vote

Date conditional for over test if over 2 years

You're on the right track, but no bracing and formatting is needed; date variables will output timestamps without formatting, and comparisons can be made properly between integer types. So you can use ...
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