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Dynamically switch between includes - how?

The most direct route for a user that is restricted from editing templates would be a flag somewhere they can access. You'll need to add more details to your question, but one thought that works is ...
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making categories selectable in page edit view

So, I came up with the solution, it's bare bone, but it works: <div id="csrf" hidden>{csrf_token}</div> {exp:channel:entries channel="main"} <div id="...
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Why does dynamic='no' affect displaying a banner from a different channel?

A helpful example of dynamic="no": also see:
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How can I make dynamic Grid (or Matrix) fields in the control panel?

It is not. The simplest solution is to have all four columns and simply instruct the content manager to use the appropriate 2nd, 3rd, or 4th column based on the value of the 1st.
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Update to EE to 2.9 Effected Store Dynamic Parameters & Pagination

The dynamic filtering was altered in the updates and the combination no longer functioned. Integration of MySQL Queries was needed to create the desired result.
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